The 2nd Aptamer Seminar in Tokyo  ~virtual meeting~ 

July 9, 2021

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Scientific program

13:00-13:05 Sponsor's opening remark

13:05-13:10 Welcome address

Chizuko Koseki

CEO, TAGCyx Biotechnologies Inc.

13:10-13:50 Seminar 1

DNA aptamer-based chemical tools for the control of receptor functions

Dr. Ryosuke Ueki

Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, The University of Tokyo

Dr. Ryosuke Ueki

13:50-14:30 Seminar 2

Xeno-Nucleic Acid Aptamers: Progress in Nucleic Acid Aptamer Development with Chemical Modification

Dr. Masayasu Kuwahara

Graduate School of Integrated Basic Sciences, Nihon University

Dr. Masayasu Kuwahara

14:30-15:10 Seminar 3

Biophysical analysis of aptamer binding to target proteins

Dr. Taiichi Sakamoto

Department of Life Science, Faculty of Advanced Engineering, Chiba Institute of Technology

Dr. Taiichi Sakamoto

15:10-15:30 Coffee break

15:30-16:10 Seminar 4

Challenges and Prospects in Oligonucleotide Aptamer Therapeutics Development

Miyuki Hori

Division Assistant Manager, Drug Research and Development Division, TAGCyx Biotechnologies Inc.

Miyuki Hori

16:10-16:50 Seminar 5

CMC and regulatory considerations on Aptamer therapeutics

Dr. Thomas Rupp

Principal Consultant, Thomas Rupp Consulting UG

Dr. Thomas Rupp

16:50-16:55 Closing Remarks

Susumu Muto

Chief Scientific Officer, TAGCyx Biotechnologies Inc.


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