Patent “DNA aptamer capable of bonding to VWF” is granted in the USA.
Ms. Yukari Ikeda received the Seven Star Pharmacist candidate Award for the results of skin penetration of our anti-IFNγ aptamer.
TAGCyx announces a research collaboration with CAGE Bio Inc. for autoimmune skin diseases.
Results of collaboration project with Prof. Sando Lab (The University of Tokyo) will be presented at the Chemical Society of Japan, CSJ Chemistry Festa 2020
Patent “Method for stabilizing functional nucleic acids” is granted in Europe.
Ms. Yukari Ikeda will present data of skin penetration of our anti-IFNγ aptamer at the 36th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Drug Delivery System on August 28th 2020
We updated in-house pipeline
TAGCyx established an Audit & Supervisory Board
Notice of New management team
Patent “DNA aptamer capable of bonding to VWF” is granted in Japan.
TAGCyx raises approximately 200 million JPY
TAGCyx and GC Pharma has entered into collaborative research and development for conducting various pre-clinical studies of TAGX-0004
TAGCyx receives milestone payment for collaborative research with HEALIOS K.K.
TAGCyx enters into a collaborative aptamer glycosylation research agreement with GlyTech, Inc.
TAGCyx has executed a collaborative antibody-aptamer conjugate research agreement with Chiome Bioscience Inc.
Aptamer Seminar in Tokyo will be held
Collaborator, Dr. Kazuya Sakai will present data of anti-von Willerbrand Factor A1 domain Xenoligo at the American Society of Hematology
TAGCyx will be presenting at Japan Healthcare Venture Summit 2018 at Yokohama
Dr. Kazuya Sakai will present data of our anti-coagulant aptamer at the 80th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hematology on Oct 13th 2018
TAGCyx has executed collaborative research agreement with HEALIOS K.K.
Completion of 500 million JPY Series B financing
Oct 16th We have moved to Tokyo University Komaba campus.
Presentation schedule in November
Presentation schedule in October
TAGCyx has executed a research and development collaboration agreement with a European biopharma company in February. The partnership will continue for 2 years which is extendable with mutual agreement and will apply the TAGcyx platform towards the identificatio
TagCyx announces the completion of 500 million Japanese Yen (US$ 4.9 Million, as of Aug. 31, 2016) private financing, led by The University of Tokyo Edge Capital as a lead investor, and SMBC Venture Capital, Nissay Capital CO., LTD. (Aug 2016)

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