TAGCyx established an Audit & Supervisory Board

TAGCyx Biotechnologies, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) established an Audit & Supervisory Board. By establishing an Audit & Supervisory Board, we strengthen corporate governance and strive to promote business in a more sound manner.

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Standing Statutory Auditor(External) Katsunori Suzuki
Auditor(External) Takahiro Kono
Auditor Yoshiyuki Yamakawa

Biography of Audit & Supervisory Board Member

■Katsunori Suzuki, Standing Statutory Auditor(External)

Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, completed Waseda Business School. After working for IBM Japan, Sony, SoftBank, etc., he served as the director of the internal audit department at SKY Perfect JSAT, and also served as a corporate auditor of a group company. In 2020, he became a corporate auditor of Tagcyx.

■Takahiro Kono, Auditor(External)

After graduating from Meiji University, acquired a certified public accountant qualification. After engaging in audit work at Chuo Aoyama Audit Firm(PWC group), established Kono Tax and Accounting Office. Previously served as a lecturer at the Institute of Special Accounting, Meiji University. He has been a Corporate Auditor of Tagcyx since 2008.

■Yoshiyuki Yamakawa(External)

After graduating from Waseda University’s School of Political Science and Economics, worked for Nippon Life Insurance Company, then became Vice President of Sosei, and later established Hibiki Partners to provide IPO support. In addition, he has served as a number of outside directors including those related to pharmaceuticals. Appointed External Director of Tagcyx in 2016, a Corporate Auditor in 2020.