Ms. Yukari Ikeda received the Seven Star Pharmacist candidate Award for the results of skin penetration of our anti-IFNγ aptamer.

Ms. Yukari Ikeda (Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, Dr. Takashima’s Lab) received the Seven Star Pharmacist candidate Award from the Nagai Foundation Tokyo in the Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan.

She reported the results of skin penetration of TAGX-0003 (anti IFNγ aptamer) using ionic liquid as DDS at the 35th annual meeting of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan.

TAGCyx announces a research collaboration with CAGE Bio Inc. for autoimmune skin diseases.

TAGCyx biotechnologies Inc. announced entering into a research collaboration with CAGE Bio Inc. for development of TAGX-0003 for treatment of dermatological autoimmune skin diseases.

TAGX-0003 is an DNA aptamer possessing potent IFN-γantagonistic activity developed by TAGCyx and has already shown effective data in humanized autoimmune skin disease animal model such as alopecia areata when intra-dermally injected.

CAGE bio owns innovative proprietary eutectic ionic liquid formulation technology. Applying CAGE Bio’s formulation technology to TAGX-0003, both parties expect TAGX-0003 possibly penetrating into the skin and will be able to develop it as a non-invasive and efficacious dermatological medicine for skin autoimmune diseases.


Dr. Chizuko Koseki, CEO of TAGCyx said “Collaborating with CAGE bio, we believe our aptamer will become a high value therapeutic option for the patient of autoimmune skin disease, such as alopecia areata and vitiligo. It is a challenge for us to make our Xenoligo® penetrable into skin as it is a mid size oligonucleotide aptamer. We are excited our collaboration with CAGE Bio, as we believe CAGE bio’s eutectic ionic liquid platform will make TAGCyx’ mission possible to contribute to our society by delivering highly effective and safe medicine to many people.”.


Nitin Joshi, CEO of CAGE Bio said “we are excited to partner with TAGCyx to develop value added products to help patients suffering from immune dermatological disorders.  Our platform is uniquely positioned to stabilize and deliver macromolecules into the skin which will open doors to treat serious diseases, both large and orphan”.



TAGCyx biotechnologies Inc.  (

TAGCyx, based in Tokyo, Japan, is a biotech company exploiting its proprietary Xenoligo® technology platform, allowing high functional oligonucletide drug discovery. TAGCyx have invented artificial nucleic acid base-pair technology that enables to produce high affinity and selective DNA aptamers “Xenoligo®”.

Xenoligo® is a trade mark registered by TAGCyx Biotechnolies Inc.


CAGE bio Inc. (

CAGE Bio, based in San Carlos, CA and Fort Worth, TX, is a clinical stage startup company exploiting its proprietary deep eutectic ionic liquid formulation platform to develop products for dermatology, inflammation, and immunology. CAGE Bio has in-licensed technology developed by a research team led by Prof. Samir Mitragotri from the University of California, Santa Barbara.


Results of collaboration project with Prof. Sando Lab (The University of Tokyo) will be presented at the Chemical Society of Japan, CSJ Chemistry Festa 2020

Results of joint research with Prof. Shinsuke Sando and Assistant Professor Ryosuke Ueki, Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo on cell growth and differentiation control using TAGCyx‘s innovative Xenoligo® containing artificial bases will be presented in a poster at the 10th CSJ Chemistry Festa 2020 (online), which will be held on the 20th to 22nd of October, in the Autumn Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan.


October 21, 2020, 15:30〜17:30

Session of Natural Product Chemistry/Biofunctional Chemistry/Biotechnology


Poster number: P6-074

Development of artificial base-containing DNA agonist targeting fibroblast growth factor receptor

○Yuri HAYATA, Kazunobu FUTAMI, Ryosuke UEKI, Shinsuke SANDO(The Unv. Tokyo)


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