TAGCyx announces execution of worldwide exclusive supply of proprietary artificial Ds amidite and patent license agreement with Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd.

TAGCyx executed worldwide exclusive supply of its proprietary Ds amidite and patent license agreement with Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan) (“Otsuka Chemical”) in order for TAGCyx and their alliance partners to develop and commercialize Xenoligo® DNA aptamers containing the artificial base Ds.

TAGCyx is a preclinical stage drug development company based in Tokyo which is developing and commercializing DNA aptamers applying world leading artificial nucleic acid base-pair technology. The Ds is a unique artificial nucleic acid which makes feasible to generate DNA aptamers with high affinity and selectivity to target molecule. This proprietary technology, Xenoligo® is applicable to generate therapeutic drugs and diagnostic agents and also improve functionality of some medical devices, with high performance and high functionality. For advancing pipeline projects of TAGCyx and their alliance partners to preclinical (GLP) and clinical (GMP ) stages of the development, Otsuka Chemical will make quality assured Ds amidite available at commercial scale by developing scale up manufacturing process of  production system.

Under this agreement, TAGCyx grants Otsuka Chemical an exclusive patent license for the manufacturing and an exclusive supply right of Ds amidite for development and commercialization of Xenoligo®.

Otsuka Chemical manufactures and sells chemical products including active pharmaceutical ingredients and their intermediates, and possesses the high quality organic synthesis technologies and production facility cultivated over many years. Therefore, by partnering with Otsuka Chemical, TAGCyx will be able to strongly promote and advance product development and secure large scale quality assured manufacturing of Xenoligo® aptamers.


Notes: Xenoligo® is a trademark registered by TAGCyx Biotechnologies Inc.


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